Disclaimer Internet demography keeps changing. What is apt now, may drop down quick. All advises are true when given, may not apply later. Visitors are advised to analyze using their own judgement before applying any changes.

Friends, to us, every visitor is equal. This is a free site. Whatever is given or advised is based on our latest judgement. We are true to our profession and business and provide all the guides with good intentions. However, as said above, not all guidelines may stand vigorous time scrutiny.

Web managers like Google, Bing etc. keep changing their algorithms and conditions as per their need and taste, on which we have no control. We only have their latest guidelines in front and advise accordingly. However, despite our best efforts, our advises can go wrong or awry.

Develop Your Own Understanding.

After all, your interests are prime, at least to you. Please make it a point to keep yourself abreast of all developments in the Internet arena. Visit different forums and websites to read expert comments. Keep note of everything and proceed with caution every time you read our inputs.

Don’t forget the past when Marching Ahead!

The design considerations, speed recommendations and other inputs are valid. However, don’t forget the old, but simple rules, that always hold true, so as to not forget and succumb to web scrutiny.

Always remember the rules, like:

  1. Using Alt tags & description for images
  2. Serve images of the right size only
  3. Keep http requests to the minimum
  4. Use optimized-for-web images only
  5. Getting your site validated for php rules
  6. Staying clear of copied content and not resorting to fool the search engines
  7. Not trying to hide keywords and attract stiff penalties
  8. Avoiding using blackhat techniques, that can only marginally benefit, and last but the least
  9. Writing the content for visitors and not bots

Use our Guidelines for Constructive Progress

Our aim is to make your lives easy. Feel free to alter, change or modify any of our guidelines either here or on this website according to your needs. For example, when we suggest Font combinations, they are based on certain assumptions. But when the overall Look & Feel does not match your expectations, a relook is often necessary.

Contact Us for Solving your special needs

Whenever you get confused and can’t march ahead, you can always contact us. We will try all our best to get you back on track. However, as said earlier and repeatedly so, the final decision should be yours.

We will not be responsible for any penalties and/or liabilities of any kind whatsoever resulting from using our guidelines. Please keep this in mind before approaching us for any consultations.

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